Eastern Indigo Snakes by Avalon Theisen

Avalon is the Founder of Conserve It Forward which can be followed on Twitter @conserveitforwa or Facebook at www.facebook.com/ConserveItForwardWithAvalon

EasternIndigoSnakeLast semester, I took an awesome class called Herpetology 2.  My final assignment was to do a presentation about a wildlife conservation organization.   I chose The Orianne Society.

If you’re going to be learning about The Orianne Society, you should know how it got started. The Orianne Society began when a young girl had the amazing chance to hold an Eastern Indigo Snake.  She fell in love with the snake, and knew that it was in trouble.  So, she asked her father to help her save the snake’s species…The Orianne Society was born!  This non-profit organization not only helps the threatened Eastern Indigo Snake, but it also helps other species like the desert tortoise and monkeys.

So how does The Orianne Society help the Eastern Indigo Snake?  They do research.  Sometimes that research involves a really cool survey tool.  Can you guess what that might be?  It’s dogs!  Well, one special dog named CJ.  They trained him in 2009 to locate Eastern Indigo Snakes and their sheds.  Why would they need to know this?  Eastern Indigo Snakes love being underground in burrows where it is very hard to see them.  Using CJ’s great skills, researchers can find Eastern Indigo Snakes much faster and more accurately.  That makes CJ the top dog!

To learn more about The Orianne Society and CJ, please visit www.OrianneSociety.org.


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